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  • Sunkissed Duo - Matte Bronzing Powder & Blushing Powder

    Posted on April 30, 2020

    What comes to your mind if we talk about Tropical Party? We can mention an endless list but here are some things we love the most about it: it’s where everyone feels the best, surrounded by the warmth of togetherness and the presence of amazing foods also fresh fruits!

    On the other side, life often throws us many unfortunate events we can’t avoid. We might not have the power to make the world a better place but we are definitely up to make your days better and brighter.

    Inspired by Tropical Party, Matte Bronzing Powder and Blushing Powder were born. They don’t let you teleport from where you are into a Tropical Party on a beach indeed. Yet, they are able to press a fresh start (or restart) on your day as if you just brought to a Tropical Party and let you feel the vibe; feel the best about yourself, fresh and warm!
    I know you’re excited about this! Let’s meet them one by one.
    1. Blushing Powder

    Do you love guava, mango and watermelon? We are obsessed with them!
    There is one thing similar about these fruits, they are fresh and grown beautifully in a tropical climate. Blushing Powder was literally born influenced by them. It unbinds your natural/inner radiance, resulting in healthy-looking flushed cheeks. It is formulated to suits humid weather also stays on even after wudhu, so you won’t have to worry about retouching it in the middle of the day. Still, it never gets too cakey if you want to retouch and rebuild the color payoff.
    1. Matte Bronzing Powder

    Bronzing might be tricky, but we won’t let that happen to you. Matte Bronzing Powder is a foolproof option even for beginners. It gives a natural flush of pigmentation, so you don’t have to worry about applying too much. Build up as much as you wish. This, too, has been formulated to survives the humid weather and stays on until the end of your day.
    Coconut and cocoa grow well in sunny and warm places, so does Matte Bronzing Powder in Coconut and Cocoa.
  • Clean Beauty

    Posted on April 9, 2020

    What Clean Beauty Means to Us.

    We are growing. We are transforming. Just like you who wants to do better and be the best self of yourself every day, we do too.

    So here goes the mini science class; what is clean beauty? To us, it means the absence of suspected or proven toxic ingredients linked to harmful health effects in our products, namely parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil. All of our products are also formulated without gluten (which may trigger allergy for some people). 

    Being clean is not necessarily lowering product quality. For us, how our products perform still tops our priority. However, we are gradually shifting to not only good, but also skin-saving ingredients. Through the process, we found out that not every natural or organic ingredient is better and the synthetic ones are always bad. Clean is the right click for us to provides both high-performing and skin-friendly beauty products for you.
    Conscious and transparent to you are our top priority. We have pointed out that some of our products are also vegan and halal, you can also find the information in each product description. We will provide you with updates regarding this process so be sure to check our website regularly.
    Now, you can look and feel good at the same time. Grow with us, join the #CleanGeneration.