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GOBAN is when pro-quality meets good ingredients. GOBAN is simply game-changing makeup for everyone; beginner, beauty enthusiast, even makeup artists. Our products meant to be your effortless daily make up also performs skilfully for professional use. It started with our concern towards shade choice and comfort in wearing makeup. It was hard to find products for people with darker skin or warm undertones. Not to mention many products at that time were not actually comfortable to use. By nailing those two problems, we believe every Angel (all of you) can feel the best of yourself every day. Be it bold or natural, adventurous or simple, you are gorgeous in your own way.
Our products have been formulated clean since day one. Means there are no proven toxic ingredients involved in making our high-performing formula. Now, we are more conscious about this issue and try to do improve also be more cautious with our ingredients. Some of our products are vegan-friendly and halal-certified. Clean yet never boring, we never compromise on that goodness you love in makeup.


Your skin matters and we value it. Our products are thoughtfully created and produced without any proven and suspected toxic ingredients. Along with professional researcher team, we formulate everything WITHOUT parabens, phthalates and mineral oil. We make sure all of the ingredients love your skin and your skin loves them too! All ingredients are curated for your skin’s sake.


Vivid pigmentation, wide selection of skin tone, highly buildable, seamlessly blendable and most importantly comfortable to wear. We believe makeup should not add fuss and trouble to your skin, that’s why your comfort in wearing our products has always been on top of our mind.


We are well-aware of how important halal certification for our Muslim friends, thus some of our products have been certified halal and the rest are still on process. Worries not, all of them are wudhu-friendly and made to suit your daily routine.


We care about our furry friends, we definitely do not and will never test on animals. We are also shifting to the better, we started formulating vegan-friendly and gluten-free products. Products with vegan-friendly and gluten-free icons are definitely safe for vegan and people who are allergic to gluten. We tirelessly try to improve our products to reach everyone and be your healthier alternative in beauty. 


Juggling between package safety and sustainability is a big challenge for us. Once, we used plastic as it is the most durable and safely wrap our products. Due to its harmful effect on the earth, we are no longer using plastic and started ship using box. To be transparent with you, box is not the most sustainable option but it is the best option we got considering we have to keep our products safe to arrive in your hand. By the time being, we’ll keep going with our research and you can help us reusing the box.

We are always transforming for the better and serve you only the best. Witness our journey and grow with us!
Join us to new, better, #CleanGeneration